Monday, July 16, 2012


Here's the deal. My sister is engaged!

My sister is getting married and made the very, very grave mistake of asking me and my other sister to be maids of honor.

This warrants a few things.
1. We get to quote "Bridesmaids" whenever we feel moved.
2. We get to dance however we want.

3. We get to do things that even the bride has no control over. Like the shower...

the bachelorette party...

and the toast!

4. Aaaaaand, most importantly-- We get to make up ridiculous things in order to scare the bride.

  • Bridal shower: Beach theme
    Bachelorette party: Sandy Vagina
  • Bridal Shower: Camping theme
    Bachelorette party: Bear claw
  • Bridal shower: Garden party theme
    Bachelorette party: Chlamydia
  • Bridal Shower: Tie the Knot
  • Bachelorette party: Nooses
  • Bridal Shower: Wedding Bells
    Bachelorette: Quasimodo
  • Bridal Shower: Tea Party
    Bachelorette: DirTea Party
  • Bridal Shower: Til Death Do Us Part
    Bachelorette: Death
  • Bridal Shower: I do
    Bachelorette: What won't I do?

    Love you, sis.

1 comment:

  1. A few words: your poor sister. :P jaykay jaykay girlfriend.

    Now I have Wilson Philips stuck in my head.

    Curse you.

    Let's watch Bridesmaids at our sleepover?