Saturday, July 9, 2011


My mother is a genius. Let me just get that out there. Today at lunch, she asked me to make s'mores as a little dessert. Then she insisted I use the broiler. At first I didn't want to. My attemp at broiling things result in charred, nay, inedible bruschetta. This was not the case today!

Set your oven broiler on high. Place graham cracker and marshmallow on a tin foil-wrapped cookie sheet. Make sure to keep an eye on them (it won't take long... we're talking like only a minute), so they'll turn out like this:

Don't broil the chocolate. Instead, set room temperature chocolate on a second graham cracker. When you stack the goodies together, the chocolate will naturally melt but won't get soupy (like from the last post).

Aaaaaaaaaaand... smush!

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