Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It seemed like a good idea last night...

Today we visited SOGO
because being outside was a no go
We shopped all around
and stickers we found
they all but ripped off Disney’s logo

There are never too many pieces
for Mich of Disney’s two meeses
puzzle shopping we went
and lots of money we spent
this puzzle so small it has tweezes

Beard Papa’s cream puffs we ate
we ordered two but could have had eight
Becky had one
Michelle had some
and Bettina thought they were great.

This part of the trip we said hello
to a cat that was not but mellow
Michelle ate ice cream
Becky’s tart was a dream
Andy’s mango dessert was yellow

Dad’s side of the family did go
to dinner, we ate kinda slow
over dinner and drank
that tofu did stank
And Andy’s face was aglow

Our time left here is but bleak
more fun in Taiwan we do seek
we’ve tried lots of food
seen weird pants on some dude
no worries see ya’ll in a week!

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