Monday, May 19, 2014

Gong xi! Congratulations!

 On Sunday, we had the privilege of going to a traditional Chinese engagement ceremony and wedding. After leaving our hotel room (complete with a heated toilet seat and bidet!) at 6:45am, we went to the bride's house for a tea ceremony.

We drank fertility soup (red bean soup with rice balls), wishing the bride and groom a firstborn son. The groom's family of the bride and groom drank tea the bride's family offered to them.  Then there was a lot of picture taking!

The bride wore four dresses throughout the day. The first one, a gorgeous red dress, was specifically for the tea ceremony. And she got to wear A LOT of jewelry.

Dat ring.
We also ate a traditional sesame wedding cake, chocolate from Spain, and green tea cakes.

Onto the reception! We ate, and ate, and ate a 10 course meal in the swankiest place in Taiwan. Seriously, it was gorgeous. The bride and groom spent the afternoon changing dresses, greeting guests, and barely eating (!!). We watched THE SWEETEST videos of Claire and Wei Wei.

Fun fact: Brides here rent their dresses!

Best of luck to Claire and Wei Wei!

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