Monday, May 13, 2013

Ten Things I've Learned In My First Week At NOW

  1. Databasing a few hundred names is actually kind of fun. It's especially fun when people come up who are from my area of Pennsylvania!
  2. It's never too cold for Starbucks Frapuccino Happy Hour.
  3. Suspicious mail is not a big deal, says the Po.
  4. Social security is definitely an issue that young people should learn and care about, though we don't often do much of either.
  5. If people are yelling at you during your demonstration, you're doing it right.
  6. If old people are yelling "malarkey!" at a rally about social security, you're doing it right.
  8. I actually do, kind of, almost, like coffee.
  9. Someone will wake you up at Union Station if you fall asleep on the train, but if you jump-wake up, they will look at you like you're insane. They will  probably laugh at you, too.
  10. The people in my office run on coffee and awesome.

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