Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My first few days at NOW

This summer, I'm working at the National Organization for Women (NOW) in Washington, D.C. I've been working there for three days, and so far, I love it! Specifically, I'll be working as the President's Assistant Intern.

Me after my first full day at NOW
On Monday, I got up early, got dressed, and headed to work. I have a pretty long commute, and I gave myself extra time to be sure I got on the right trains. It's about an hour ride on the train then a couple minutes on the metro. Not too hard, actually. I was really surprised. I have been on a bunch of subways/metros in different cities around the US, but had never done it alone. Cake!

I exited the station and found the building where the NOW offices are. I jumped right in as soon as I got there. I met Emily, the President's Assistant, found my cubicle, and read over some routine first-day papers. Emily gave me a tour of the office. Even though the rest of the summer interns weren't there yet (PSU got out suuuuuper early this year) there were a lot of people to meet! They were all super friendly and made an effort to stop by my cubicle to introduce themselves to me if I didn't see them on my tour. I felt very welcomed. I knew it would be a place that I enjoyed working and being in.

My first task was to draft letters to invite prominent people in social justice to NOW's conference in July. Each year, NOW holds a conference for all women's rights activists to network, attend workshops, and hear amazing speakers. It was tricky because it was new, but eventually, Terry (the current NOW President) and I were able to get a form letter all worked out with the correct wording. 

A view from my commute
I also dabbled in a few other things. I had my training for the database that NOW uses for their membership information. Databasing is actually pretty therapeutic. I also designed a certificate for an award that will be given at the conference, honoring women who made contributions to advancing women's health. 

That first day was a great way to get my feet wet. Since then, I've sat in on a meeting, attended a rally on social security, and started working on researching our speakers so that I could draft bios. 

So far, I'm loving the experience. It's been different from day to day and I enjoy learning new things, especially in the women's rights sphere. I thoroughly enjoy being surrounded by smart people who have made our passion a career. 

My current read
 I'm hoping to archive my experiences here. I don't know that anyone will read them, but I'm happy to share if you're willing to listen. =)

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