Sunday, June 10, 2012

Good Morning, Baltimore! ...Real Life Hairspray!

I love visiting my sisters. Sure, Baltimore may not be the most happenin' town ever, but we always have fun. This weekend was Honfest. My sisters and I had heard of it but have never been there. We didn't know quite what to expect, but this is what we found:

Well now I'm just getting ahead of myself. On Saturday, Rachel and I decided we needed to stop for truffles. Always a valid excuse for a pitstop.

My sisters live in near Charm City Cakes... Obviously another pit stop needed for a photo op on the way to Hampden.

Hampden is known for its' Hons. They're the ladies who never quite let go of the styles from the 1960s. Think huge hair, bright colors, large prints, and cat-eye glasses. Many younger people dressed up in those fashions for Honfest, but from what I hear many of the older residents of Hampden do it daily.

Did I mention it was BLAZING HOT? 

Hampden is really trendy. It's filled with really unique specialty shops, and many of them came onto the sidewalks for the weekend. Here's a monster bra. Not a joke. I was tempted.

The Glamour Lounge was a large tent outfitted with hairstylists, mirrors, chairs, and lots of hairspray!

Anyone could get their hair done in the Glamor Lounge!

We people-watched from the front window at Holy Frijoles.

I highly recommend their fresh salsa. Just enough heat, just enough zest.

And hey, all of their food is vegetarian... unless it has meat in it.

The grilled veggie taco salad was absolutely Zagat-worthy!

Ratczar had a booth. There are no words.

This is the stage from which they were crowning Baltimore's Best Hon.

This always makes me sad... 
the front door of a shop we passed on our way back to my sisters' apartment.

A guy with a clipboard gave me this sticker. He was trying to get Marylanders to sign a petition for equal marriage rights. He was the most polite petitioner I have EVER met. 

"I am looking for individuals who support same-sex marriage... might that be you?"

Well, that's all for now, hon. 

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