Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mother

Cheater post. Today's photo counts for multiple categories.

You'll remember that I'm trying [desperately] to keep up with this photo-a-day challenge. Trying. 

However, my short term memory proves to be much less responsive than I had hoped, so in an effort to catch up, check out my reasoning for why this photo is justified in counting for multiple days.

Bird. My mom is not a bird.

Someone that inspires you. My mother is amazing. Everyone says that on Mother's Day, but seriously, if you knew my mom, you'd say it too. She is everything to everyone. She's a teacher, a trumpet player, a piano player, our church organist, a children's choir accompanist, a caregiver, a cook, a baker, a sister/daughter/niece, an adviser, a quilter, a seamstress, a thinker, a reader... believe me. She's quite amazing. I am not as amazing, seeing as I can't even remember everything she does.

A smell you adore. They know this is a PHOTO challenge, right? Anyway, my mom never smells bad. She always smells good. I'm sure you'll understand... you know how something may not have a smell, but you can always recognize when it doesn't smell how it normally does, or you can recognize that smell on another person, but you don't notice it normally or ever?

A favorite word. Mom. 

Something that makes you happy. I catastrophize things. When I feel things start to get too heavy, and I start to feel weak, I call my mom. She is the best at putting things into perspective. When I call, I know what she'll say, but coming from her, it sounds so much more powerful.

Mum. She's my mom and I love her.

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