Sunday, December 2, 2012


The following posts and pictures are from a collection of pro-anorexia tumblr pages. I decided to look this up because a comment was recently made by my body when a friend thought I couldn't hear it. I love my body. I wish the people who posted these loved themselves just as much.

"I'll stay with you, be there for you, support you, hold you, talk you through things, check up on you, keep you safe and happy. Don't worry, I'll never leave" - said no one. Ever. At least when they did they didn't mean it.
"NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES exceed more than 3 capsules in 24 hours"
Adderall has less warnings. I’m sold.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be buying supplements based on how dangerous they are. Then again no one ever got skinny taking flinstones…….

Guess what today is!!!! A FAST. Okay I haven't fasted for more then a day in months so I'm trying not to eat untill tuesday! Wooo, I can do it I can do it I can do it

Body: I'm so hungry.
Mind: No you’re not.

I would be underweight by now if I wasn't so fat to begin with........

Dear Anorexia,
I love what you do to my body. You make me skinny and beautiful. But I hate you. You make me hate myself no matter how beautiful everyone thinks I am. You make my friends stare at me while I eat. You make everyone think I’m crazy. But you know what, sometimes you’re my best and only friend so I can’t stay mad at you. Just promise me one thing. At least make me skinny.

When I see pictures of all these MUSCULAR ass girls, I want to throw up. Fuck that. I want to be Little. Frail. Breakable. Thin. Perfect.. NOT LIKE I COULD KICK SOMEONE'S ASS. Forreal.

What kind of society lets this be okay?

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