Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Becky's List of Favorite Docs

I'm a documentary lover. Today was not a great day, so what did I do? I started watching hulu. After a few hours (I'm not proud), I decided my brain was turning to mush and that I needed something more substantial, so I turned to my favorite docs.

If you watch music videos-- Dreamworlds 3

If you have women in your life-- Killing Us Softly 4
If you're hungry, but not too hungry-- Food Inc.

If you don't believe that "this girl is going to end up sterile... or DEAD!"-- The Purity Myth

If you want the bajeezus scared out of you-- Bowling for Columbine

If you like to say "what the eff??"-- Secret Lives of Women

If you value intelligence-- Miss Representation

If you have a soul-- Making the Blue Band

1 comment:

  1. Loved the Purity Myth! We watched a documentary in my photography class called Born into Brothels; you would love it! It is about this woman who goes into the Indian brothels to take pictures, and they are like, "sure, but only if you teach our kids photography." So, she ends up living there and teaches the kids photography and then dries to get them out of the brothels. Now, she also runs a non-profit to try and to help other kids through photography. Check it out, gurlfriend!

    Lurve you!